Countertop edging

Our company’s extensive experience in the production of PVC moulds has allowed us to extend our range of products for the furniture industry.

The group of KORNER furniture profiles includes countertop edging, furniture trims and plinth seals.

The countertop edgings which we manufacture include a broad range of profiles, designed according to the latest trends and in line with the aesthetic requirements of every kitchen. Modern and functional looks, water and detergent resistance achieved by the use of the most up to date technology and materials of the highest quality. A varied colour scheme will satisfy every customer’s needs.

Plinth seals will help to keep your kitchen clean. They are transparent, and thus can be used with all kitchen furniture. They are fitted to the bottom of furniture and a special seal stops crumbs, dirt and water from getting under the furniture.

Furniture trim is intended primarily for furniture manufacturers. The most up to date four colour printing technology together with a highly efficient technology used in the manufacture of trim allows us to cope with every challenge we are faced with. The trim is manufactured in a wide strip (380 mm) technology which allows us to cut it to any width required by our customers. In this regard we are pioneers on the Polish market.

Countertop edging